Learn if your student qualifies for our program. Here is the basic checklist you should follow to figure out if your student qualifies for the CHIRP Program.

  • The student is officially enrolled at your school.
  • The student participates or desires to participate in the instrumental program at our school.
  • The student has demonstrated a good work ethic in the classroom.
  • The student is in good academic standing.
  • The student has demonstrated an aptitude in music.
  • The student is a responsible young person who will show respect for the instrument.
  • The student’s parents or guardians have been unable to secure an instrument through conventional means.

If you are a teacher who identifies a need, Chirp comes to life to complete the recycling program.  An instrument is matched to the request and delivered to the school to start a new life in the hands of a very happy, young student.

Only the Band Director, Orchestra Director or Principal at the student’s school can submit a CHIRP Scholarship Request Form. Instruments will be filled based on availability and order in which the forms were received. Click here to download the print version.