CHIRP is committed to helping young musicians who cannot afford to purchase or rent an instrument of their own.

The program is a project of the family of Robert D. Hess, M.D., in partnership with the West Virginia Young Musicians Fund, Harrison County Young Musicians Fund and Bandland. It started as an idea to fulfill a need that has been identified in the music programs of Harrison County Schools.

Around West Virginia, there are hundreds of instruments going unused in homes everywhere. They are hidden away in the back of a closet, up in the attic, under the bed, in the basement and even mounted on a wall as decoration. The folks from Chirp want and need those instruments.

The donated instruments are refurbished by repair technicians at Bandland. They are evaluated, repaired, sanitized and put in good playing condition — ready to be placed in the hands of an eager student.

Music is powerful and provides good memories. An instrument that has been sitting idle can spring to life in the hands of an eager, young student. It can begin producing lasting memories for a whole new generation!


Bandland in Clarksburg
All instruments are processed by a Bandland Repair Technician and distributed to a child in need.

 Starving Artist Studio
The Starving Artist Studio creates art from un-repairable instruments with proceeds benefiting Chirp.